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Reprinted with permission of Kosse Echo Publisher Nell McKinney
By Mary Bradley Whatley
Originally published in January 1986 and copied exactly as written.

The Kosse Heritage Society and the C.O. Robertson House

The "old C.O. Robertson House" located on Highway 14, one block south of the
intersections of Highways 14 and 7 was again beautifully decorated during the
month of December for the Christmas celebration by the Kosse Heritage Society,
which has been a tradition with the Society since the Society became owners of the
"Old Home" back in 1979.  The Robertson House was purchased by Wm. Fred
Bradley of Houston, TX, a native of Kosse, and donated it to the Citizens of Kosse
that same year.

The Kosse Heritage Society was organized Dec. 12, 1979, for the purpose of
preserving the history of the Kosse area and its people and the C.O. Robertson
house as to be their home.  The "Hall of Fame" was established to give special
recognition to the people for what they had worked hard for over the years and
what the community stood for.  Kosse now has adopted "A Little Town With a Big
Heart" as its slogan.  As it has acquired this reputation over years.

When the old house was received from Mr. Bradley it was in fairly sound condition.  
The basic structure had been restored- as over the years time and termites had
taken their toll.

Since 1979 when the Society was organized, these men have served as its
president: Dean Palmer, Rupert Graham, G.T. "Bill" Fairbairn and Don Foshee.  They
along with the Society's five Officers, Ten Board Members, and Three Trustees, have
completely renovated room by room of this 19th Century Colonial old house that
was built in two section.  The south part of the building being built first with two
fireplaces and a cistern on the north porch.  The north side of the building was later
moved in from the country and when this was added it made a total of six rooms, a
bath and with an additional two rooms upstairs.  Many hours of "Labor of Love"
from a number of individuals have been involved in restoring the old house as it is
today.  Three of the diligently dedicated workers were: Raymond Johnson, Rupert
Graham and Wilson W. Whatley.

The Society was introduced into the community at their 1980 ceremony during the
Kosse Homecoming in June of that year.  At that time the Texas Flag was presented
by Senator Ron Clower and flown along with the American Flag which was donated
Mrs. Ross Lloyd.  The "Heritage House" sign was painted by Mary Bradley Whatley
and was mounted on steel and concrete and erected by Raymond Johnson and
Rupert Graham., Inc.
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