October 20, 2008

Looks like cold weather is on the horizon for Kosse.  The low Thursday night is predicted to be
46-degrees.  Personally I enjoy the crispness of autumn versus the heat of summer, but these
days my feet feel frozen on cold days.  Although it is nice to see declining electricity and yard
mowing expenses.  The cafe's August electric bill was over $2000.00.  That's a lot of chicken
fried steak meals that need to be sold to pay it.

I spent a couple of enjoyable days in Houston last week, although I definitely do not miss the
traffic.  We were at Terri's mother's house in the Spring Branch area and the remnants of
Hurricane Ike are still quite evident.  The sidewalks in front of literally every house were
covered in debris and branches which have yet to be picked up by the city.  My brother-in-law
Paul told me an 80-foot tall tree had fallen on their roof and caused extensive damage.  While
the damage in Houston was far less than the devastation in Galveston, Hurricane Ike left a
heavy mark on our nation's fourth largest city.

Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama for President.  
Click for article.  I have written
numerous blog posts about Powell's unheeded warnings to George W. Bush on the
consequences of invading Iraq with a flawed plan.  I firmly believe Colin Powell would have
been our first black president had he chosen to run, and his endorsement of Obama carries
more weight than just about any other American.  What makes it even more significant is that
Powell is a Republican.  The silence of President Bush in the campaign is amazing.  Even
John McCain is constantly distancing himself from Bush's failed presidency.  Bush has done
more damage to the U.S. than any president in my lifetime.  If only he had listened to people
like his own father and Colin Powell rather than Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield, things
could have been so much better.  It is said history often judges a president's performance in a
better light, but I honestly believe George W. Bush will always rank among our worst leaders.

October 12, 2008

Being of a libertarian bent, my favorite section of the U.S. Constitution is the Bill of Rights,
especially the First Amendment.  
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of
religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the
press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a
redress of grievances."  
I received an e-mail today from a lady who said she enjoys the blog
posts but disagrees with my assessment of Barack Obama and John McCain.  I know it's a
cliche, but that is one of the many things that make our country great -- the ability to hold and
express differing opinions with no fear of recrimination.  

The City of Kosse sales tax rebate for September, 2008 was $8953.74 compared to $3054.42
during the same month in 2007.  To date, the 2008 increase has been 83.42%, with a total of
$47,804.94 in rebates.  Thornton has seen a decrease of 21.97% so far this year, with to date
rebates totalling $10,091.14.

Terri's gone to Houston and I'm batching for a couple of weeks.  So I'm sitting at the cafe
enjoying my Supreme Nachos when one of my waitresses sits down beside me.  She says, "I
think those two old men over there have been drinking".  I said, "You mean those old men that
are ten years younger than me?".  Being one of our newer waitresses who is not yet
accustomed to my attempts at humor, I think it made her very nervous.  Age is a funny thing.  
The transitions from one stage of life to the next are not always readily apparent to you.  You
think in one mindset for awhile and then realize how differently you are perceived by those of
a different mindset.  As I often quote Tony Soprano, "Oh well, what are you gonna do?".

October 10, 2008

I'm beginning to know how the residents of the North Pole feel each time they try to cross
Reindeer Boulevard.  The number of deer that take up residence along the side of Highway
14 between Bremond and Kosse each night is amazing.  There is a buck and a doe that I see
every morning at 4:00 a.m. about two miles south of Kosse.  The buck is huge (perhaps a 10-
point), so when deer season arrives I imagine he will be a prime target.  Not being into the
Bambi-killing scene, my personal concern is that his antlers don't end up as a hood ornament
on the Chevrolet.

I am now leaning towards supporting Barack Obama for president.  When I watch the two
candidates side by side at the debates, John McCain strikes me as an erratic and crotchety
old geezer, and not someone I would feel comfortable with holding the keys to a nuclear
arsenal.  Just my impression.

On January 23, 2008, I wrote in this blog the benefits of a recession in tempering an
overheated economy.  
Click for blog post.  While I am by no means an economic soothsayer,
(although I did minor in economics as an undergraduate in college) everything I predicted is
coming to pass.  The price of oil has now dropped to $82.24 per barrel (
click for article) and
will continue its downward slide.  Oil prices have fallen about 44 percent since the record high
of $147.27 on July 11.  The price of gasoline has yet to parallel this drop, although it is $2.99
at the A-1 convenience store in Bremond.  As usual, the Kosse Cefco's price is significantly
higher at $3.15.

September 26, 2008

I was occupying my usual spot while loitering at the cafe a couple of nights ago when a couple
approached me.  The woman asked if I was the owner of the place (evidently the waitress had
provided her with this morsel of information).  I told her yes, at which point she said with total
incredulity, "You don't look like you'd own this."  I will admit I had not shaven in a few days and
looked like I had just jumped off the latest boxcar rolling through our fine city.  Perhaps she
saw me drive up in the 1989 Chevrolet Caprice pimpmobile in my stylish khaki pants and
faded burgundy pullover 3X shirt.  Oh well, what are you gonna do?  Terri and I actually spent
a number of years living the life of Houston yuppies, and I much prefer the small town

The annual Kosse Methodist Church Fall Bazaar and Auction will be held on Saturday,
October 4.  Bobby Joe Suttle will once again be smoking briskets and chickens which will be
available by the sandwich or whole.  Call him at 375-2373 to reserve your meats.  There will
also be a silent and live auction and door prizes.  All are invited.

The Kosse City Wide Garage Sale will be held on Saturday, October 18.  The Kosse
Community Center will not be involved in this year's event, hence each participant is
responsible for their own advertising.

The Kosse Community Center is sponsoring Halloween Fest on October 31 for all the local
ghosts and goblins.  Games, prizes,  refreshments, and a haunted house will be provided in a
safe family setting.

September 21, 2008

I mentioned in my previous blog post how admirably the people of Kosse coalesced to face the
aftermath of Hurricane Ike.  The power was also off for the same time frame in Bremond, and
like here the people pulled together to help their neighbors in need.  However, there was one
situation which I found disturbing.  One of the three convenience stores in town was able to
gain access to a generator, and became the only place in town to get gasoline for a couple of
days.  Upon doing so, they immediately raised their gas price by 20-cents per gallon, to a level
higher than any  in the area.  It just seemed unseemly to me to take such blatant advantage of
the circumstances.

September 19, 2008

If anyone ever tells me the fine folk of Kosse do not pull together during times of hardship, I
am going to drop a 15-pound box of Kosse Cafe catfish on their noggin to try and knock some
sense into them.    

The mark of a great leader is wisdom and effectiveness during time of crisis.  Throughout our
own nation's history we have seen leaders who were labeled as political lightweights rise to the
occasion during unexpected and dangerous events, and they are looked upon as saviors for
their times.  Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Great Britain's Winston Churchill would
fit this mold.  While it might be stretching things to say we have a cadre of Lincoln's living in
our local midst, I will never forget the leadership exhibited in Kosse during the aftermath of
Hurricane Ike.  I have often praised Mayor Daniell for his progressive outlook for Kosse, but
those accolades dealt with city government issues.  This week I saw him in his role as
comforter and provider for people in need, and realize how fortunate we are to have him as
our local leader.  City Secretary Nora Ensminger was a wealth of accurate information and
assistance.  Chief of Police Paul Ensminger (who definitely needs a raise above his current
payscale) was a source of reassurance as his presence seemed constantly visible in our
darkened community.  Chief Jimmy O'Neal and the Kosse Volunteer Fire Department worked
day and night providing essentials to those in need.  The volunteers who provided food and
shelter at the Kosse Community Center were a lifesaver.  It was most ironic that, as the owners
of a business which normally serves hundreds of meals per day, Terri and I found ourselves
unable to cook, and true gratitude is forever felt for the food that was provided.  

We should all be proud to be a part of Kosse, Texas.

September 10, 2008

The presidential campaigns are in full swing and the claws are out.  You might recall
Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin at the Republican Convention saying the
only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull dog was lipstick.  Yesterday Barack
Obama said “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig."  
Click for article.  Needless to
say, Sean Hannity was outraged.  Personally I thought it was quite humorous.

I am still among the undecided on whom to support for president.  While the differences in
Obama and McCain's positions are quite profound, there are some important issues on which I
agree/disagree with each of them.  I more agree with Obama on foreign policies such as Iraq
and willingness to talk to our enemies, but more with McCain on domestic issues such as
raising taxes during a slow economy and conservative judges.  Either one of them will be an
improvement over George W. Bush.
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