December 13, 2007

The annual Kosse Community Center Christmas dinner is tonight at 7:00 p.m.  Come enjoy
the food and see the Christmas tree that was recently erected and decorated by the Kosse
Leos Club.  Some of the Kosse Cafe crew is in the process of getting the cafe into the
Christmas spirit.  When I went in tonight I was treated to our Christmas tree and various other
decorations.  Over the years we have accumulated a lot of Christmas items, so the decorating
will continue today.

While still the front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination in most national polls,
Hillary Clinton is no longer seen as the inevitable nominee, and some of her campaign tactics
are illustrative of this.  Her campaign co-chairman has now attempted to bring the issue of
Barack Obama's teenage drug use to the fore.  
Click for article.  Give it a rest.  

December 11, 2007

Rudy Guliani got skewered by Tim Russert on Sunday's "Meet the Press".  It did not make
Guiliani appear Presidential, as he either laughed at serious questions or averted directly
answering the specific question.  
Click to access video of interview.

The annual Kosse Community Center Christmas dinner will be held this Thursday, December
13, beginning at 7:00 p.m.  The meat and drinks will be provided.  Attendees are requested to
bring a side dish, dessert, or salad.  Everyone is invited to enjoy the fellowship and festivities.

December 8, 2007

The Bremond Tigers juggernaut continues as they defeated Harper by a score of 21-18
Friday night.  They have now advanced to the state semi-finals, facing the Maud Cardinals at
a time and place to yet be determined, and have only two more teams standing in the way of a
state championship.  The Waco Tribune Herald has a slideshow of 168 photos featuring the
Click for photos.

If you are following the 2008 presidential campaign then you are aware of who Mike Huckabee
is.  The former Arkansas governor has catapulted into the lead in the upcoming Republican
Iowa caucus polls and is currently leading in the national Rasmussen poll.  
Click for article.  I
had a nice conversation with Raymond Huckabee in the cafe Friday and found out Mike
Huckabee is a close relative of his.  Raymond's father and Mike Huckabee's grandfather are
brothers, in other words Raymond and Mike are second cousins.  Raymond's family lived in a
house which was one block from Mike's in Hope, Arkansas (which is ironically also the
hometown of Bill Clinton).  Very interesting.

December 7, 2007

The flag was flying at half-staff at the Kosse post office today in remembrance of sixty-six
years ago today that Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.  

While there are political decisions our President has made with which I disagree, there has
never been a question of whether or not the Bush's are a close family.  This was illustrated on
a recent Ellen DeGeneres show when first daughter Jenna was convinced by Ellen to call her
father unannounced while on national television.  It is most heartwarming and shows a father's
love under all circumstances.  
Click for video.

I received an e-mail from a lady in Groesbeck which refers to an incident which occurred in
Kosse in the early 1980's.  It is self-explanatory if anyone can help.

Hi Mr. Rasco, my name is Trish Walker, was wondering if you ever heard the story of Desiree
Carroll, the little 2yr old girl who went missing several years ago, back in 1983? She was never
found, her little picture is posted on all the missing childrens websights, ive noticed there arent
any posters of her put up in any of the busnesses in Kosse, was wondering if you could print
some out and post them in your business? I know its been 26~27 years ago, but-its like shes
been thrown away and everyone has lost hope in finding her over the years, my thought is,
theres possibly someone in Kosse who remembers when this all happened, and someone
there knows, even though its been this many years its never to late to keep a child from being
forgotten, im sending you websights, please join us in searching for this little girl, or at least
finding out the truth.
here is her poster~

Thank you so much
Sincerly: Trish Walker, Groesbeck Texas

December 6, 2007

Kosse native Stephen Lloyd, son of Willie Joe Lloyd, was shot and killed outside of Mexia
yesterday morning.  
Click for article.  Our condolences go out to Willie Joe and his family.

Looks as if the Limestone County incumbents who are up for re-election next year are getting
into their respective races early.  County Attorney Roy DeFriend, Sheriff Dennis Wilson, and
Precinct 1 Commissioner John McCarver have all placed their hat in the ring.  Should be

There were sure a lot of deer between Kosse and Bremond when I went home this morning at
4:00 a.m.  Don't know the reason.  Perhaps it was "Meet Your Friendly Deer Night" in Falls
County.  Fortunately the Chevrolet was able to avert embedding a set of antlers in its radiator.

December 4, 2007

I walked into the cafe tonight to once again find an air conditioner on while being 43-degrees
outside.  My waitress told me she was cold and wondered if we should turn on the heater.  My
head continues to shake in amazement.

Good news on the international front.  The referendum in Venezuela which would have
allowed Hugo Chavez to remain in office indefinitely while turning their economy even more
socialist was defeated on Sunday.  
Click for article.  In news which will hopefully help avert war
with Iran, American intelligence agencies have concluded that Iran halted its nuclear weapons
program in 2003 and economic sanctions have had the desired effect on modifying Iranian
Click for article.  

December 1, 2007

Our final month of the year arrives and the cool air has returned.  I went in to the cafe about
an hour ago amidst muggy, warm weather.  I walked out thirty minutes later to the arrival of a
norther.  It felt good.

At least 90% of the e-mail I receive each day is bothersome spam.  Needless to say, amongst
them are numerous scams and ripoffs.  Today I received an e-mail informing me I could collect
$4 million off the estate of a long-lost relative, Harold Rasco, simply by filling out some
overseas bank paperwork.  First, there is no Harold Rasco who died intestate in the year 2000
as a multi-millionaire.  Believe me, we would have heard of him within the family if this were
true.  Beyond that, are there really people who would fall for this and expect to receive $4
million?  Evidently so, as a variation on this scam has circulated the internet for years.  
Anyway, I think it would be prudent not to be out spending any of dead cousin Harold's
inheritance in anticipation of a  big payoff.

Thank goodness Don Imus will be returning to the airwaves tomorrow.  His show will be
simulcast on the RFD television network and my TiVo has already been set.  I hope he
skewers his former fair-weather friends who treated him as a pariah for political correctness

November 30. 2007

The price of oil has finally fallen below $90 per barrel and consumers will likely see lower gas
prices in coming days, according to a leading oil industry analyst.  
Click for article.  Thank

The Bremond Tigers continue their journey to the state 1A football championship.  They
defeated the D'Hanis Cowboys by a score of 21-14 tonight.  

Reverend L.B. Perry and I had a long conversation this evening at my office.  He is a very nice
gentleman who actually lives out his Christian convictions.  Being modest by nature, his good
deeds are often unrecognized (and I doubt he wants me publicizing them), but he has had a
positive effect on many people during his lifetime and we are fortunate to have him in Kosse.

November 27, 2007

The downtown Kosse Christmas decorations have been erected to add to our community
Christmas spirit.  It's always nice to see them.  There is a place south of Bryan I would like to
one day see that supposedly has over a million Christmas lights.  It is a commercial enterprise,
so there is a charge for driving through it.  Of course with their electric bill I imagine they need
to raise some money.

The Kosse First United Methodist Church will host the ladies annual Christmas party on
Monday, December 3, at 6:00 p.m.  Please bring a small gift and finger foods.  All ladies are
invited to join the festivities.

The Kosse 4-H Club will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, December 3, at the Kosse
Community Center.  Gift bags will be prepared to deliver to local veterans.  A trash pick up day
will be held on December 15.

November 25, 2007

A portending of winter is upon us.  The cold, rainy weather did not slow down the powerhouse
Bremond Tigers football team, as they defeated Milano 50-15 in the first round of the 1A
playoffs.  Their upcoming Regional matchup will be Friday in Bastrop, as they take on the 11-0
D'Hanis Cowboys.  

Vonnie Williams told me her son Justin, one of the Bremond running backs, was injured during
the game and had to be taken by ambulance to Scott & White Hospital.  Fortunately his neck
injury was minor and he will probably be able to play in this weeks game.  By the time Vonnie
related the story she knew Justin was okay, but her story of seeing him lying motionless on the
field with a neck injury was harrowing indeed.
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