November 22, 2007

What a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Spending time with our son was a joy, and everything I ate
was delicious.  I swear Ryan has either gotten taller since he moved or I have shrunk, as he
now towers three inches above me.  This is a strange feeling, as I am taller than most people
and feel short beside the 20 1/2 inch newborn I held in my arms twenty years ago.  He is very
happy with his job and life, so we are very happy for him.

Those Dallas Cowboys are tough.  I listened to their game against the New York Jets while
driving home as they went to 10-1 for the season.  According to the broadcasters, this is the
best start in Cowboys history.  Considering their storied past, this is quite an accomplishment.  
They're playing the 10-1 Green Bay Packers next Thursday, so I guess we'll find out who the
true premier team of the NFC is.

The downtown Kosse street lamps are now working, resulting in a much brighter main street
during the night hours.  Now I won't have to risk falling and breaking my neck each time I step
off the dark sidewalk of my office to get in the car.

It is 8:00 p.m. and I hear the rain pouring down outside.  It's supposed to get in the mid-30's
tonight and be cold and wet the next three days.  I'm enjoying the $30 Wal Mart electric heater
that is toasting my feet at the moment.

November 17, 2007

I noticed a picture of Bobby Joe Suttle had been posted at the Kosse Cafe showing him
holding a big buck which he evidently recently bagged.  While I personally never had much
interest in firearms and hunting, as a libertarian I strongly support our Second Amendment
right to bear arms.  PETA would not like my attitude, but the time a deer ran in front of my car
and met its demise I was more upset over the damage to my vehicle than the loss of Bambi.

HEB brand sausage and kolaches have been recalled for possible listeria contamination.  
Click for article.  Each time there is a recall, the onus of providing proof of purchase always
falls on the consumer, and usually involves sending a label to the company for
reimbursement.  In other words, the hassle is generally not worth the payoff.  Doesn't seem

It appears as if Detroit gas station owners take the phrase "Gas War" quite literally.  When a
station owner lowered his price for gasoline by 3-cents per gallon, his competitor across the
street shot and killed him.  
Click for article.  To further add insult, when the cops showed up to
investigate (resulting in the dead man's business temporarily closing), the shooter's gas
station had no competition, so they raised their price by 13-cents per gallon.  

November 14, 2007

The wind gusts outside at the moment are quite high as the norther blows in.  We are
predicted to have our first night in the 30's tomorrow, with a high of only 68.  I love the
crispness, but I do hope the outdoor sign at the cafe doesn't blow over tonight.  I finally got it
refurbished from its various encounters with the concrete the past year, and don't need it
demolished again.  

The Bremond Tigers are headed for the Class 1A football playoffs.  They have a bye this
week, so should be well rested when their opponent is determined.  They ended the regular
season at 8-2, but their eight victories have been consecutive and most of their victories were
blowouts of the opposition.

The Kosse Chamber of Commerce will hold its monthly meeting on November 19 at 6:30 p.m.
at the Kosse Heritage House.  The Heritage House Society will be meeting immediately
preceding the Chamber meeting at 6:00 p.m.   All are invited.

Last week, we bought the Kosse Cafe employees t-shirts from Kosseites Wes and Angie
Hardin's promotional products business in Marlin.  They look good, and my workers tell me
many customers have wondered if we will be selling them.  (I hope to work out a deal with Wes
and Angie to make this possible.)  Anyway, I decided to get one for my personal assistant and
occasional busperson, the esteemed Donald Porch.  To my great surprise and chagrin, I
walked into the cafe tonight and saw that Mr. Porch had cut the sleeves off the shirt along with
cutting little holes throughout it.  I suppose he found some humor in destroying the
not-so-cheap new shirt we bought him.  Personally I found it humorless.  Sometimes I just don't
understand him.

November 11, 2007

Eighty-nine years ago today, the armistice was signed which ended the fighting of what at that
time was referred to as the Great War.  It is now known as World War I, thanks to Hitler, Tojo,
and Mussolini bringing about an even deadlier calamity in the 1930's and 40's.  In 1954,
Congress renamed Armistice Day to Veterans Day in honor of all our nation's defenders.  
Click for article.  We have many veterans living in Kosse, ranging from participants of World
War II to the Iraq War.  Today is their day, and we pay well-deserved homage.  

As readers of this blog know, I share the Colin Powell view that the Iraq War was an
ill-conceived miscalculation that has proven very costly to our nation, soldiers, and
pocketbooks.  With that said, I saw Democratic Presidential candidate Governor Bill
Richardson on Fox News Sunday this morning, and was amazed at his inability to accept the
reality that the war is going better now under General David Petraus than it was under former
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield.  Governor Richardson appears to share the same
political flaw as President Bush of not recognizing changed circumstances and adapting
accordingly.  While his chances of winning the Democrats presidential nomination are about
the same as mine, it is my opinion Bill Richardson is not the man for the moment to lead our

I found out last night that Ryan will be home for Thanksgiving.  Now that he's living in
Washington, we don't get to see him very often.  It was a very nice surprise, and I can hardly
wait to give him a hug (even though he has to bend over his 6'4" frame for me to do it).  

November 10, 2007

Our local high school football teams finished their regular season yesterday.  The Groesbeck
Goats were defeated by Palestine Westwood, 48-8, and finish with a 1-9 record.  The
Bremond Tigers continued their winning ways, defeating Chilton by a score of 30-27.  Their
record is now 8-2, and their season will continue in the playoffs.

While the Kosse area is currently in a boom cycle, the national economy is showing many
worrisome signs.  The housing market is in a bust mode, the stock market had a terrible week,
the dollar is the weakest in history against the euro, oil prices are on the cusp of $100 per
barrel, and gasoline has hit $3 per gallon at Cefco with predictions by leading analysts of $4
per gallon by the end of the year.  Hold on to your pocketbooks.

November 8, 2007

The Kosse Community Center will be hosting the annual Thanksgiving Dinner next Thursday,
November 15.  Serving of the food will begin at 7:00 p.m.  The turkey and dressing, ham, and
drinks will be provided.  Please bring a salad, dessert, or vegetable dish.  The food is always
good and everyone is invited.  

The annual Helping Hands food drive will be Saturday, November 17.  There will be a door-to-
door campaign as well as several drop-off points for donations.  Collections will also be taken
at the Thanksgiving service sponsored by our local churches on November 18.

November 5, 2007

While on my way to Marlin yesterday I passed by Camp Kosse, the new housing area off
Highway 7 West.  They are in the process of placing some most attractive small pre-fab wood
houses on the property.  Assuming their financial projections are able to be fulfilled, this is a
great business plan.  One thing I do think we should all keep in mind is that the greatest boom
period will be in the next four years while the coal mine and power plants are being
constructed.  The number of construction workers will be much more than the number of
permanent workers, and the construction workers will leave after the facilities are completed.  
To use a much-parodied phrase from President George H.W. Bush, it wouldn't be prudent to
overlook this reality and see a repeat of a Kosse boom-bust cycle as was experienced during
the 1930's.  Permanent growth for our area is going to occur, but not at the current pace of
expansion we are now seeing.  Plan accordingly.

November 2, 2007

Unfettered growth continues in Kosse.  The October sales tax rebates have been dispersed,
and Kosse has seen a 47.11% increase from the totals through October, 2006.  It needs to be
kept in mind that 2006 was a major growth year, so this is a significant increase.  The total
collected so far this year is $29,101.44 versus $19,781.45 at this time last year.  
Click for

The Kosse 4-H Club will meet Monday, November 5 at 6:30 p.m. at the Kosse Community
Center.  Anyone wishing to join the 4-H Club may still enroll.  Members who have not turned in
their Green Forms need to bring them to the meeting.

There has been a nationwide recall of Totino's and Jeno's Pepperoni pizzas due to the
possibility of it containing the e-coli bacteria.  
Click for article.  Although now a consumer of
delicious Red Baron pizzas, there was a time during college when 89-cent Totino's pizzas were
among my food staples.  Among other college culinary favorites was the San Francisco treat,
Rice-a-Roni, and Cap'n Crunch cereal.  My fast-food delicacy of choice was a Big Mac.  It
always amazed me how uniform every Big Mac in America is.  You get the exact same palate
pleasure eating a Big Mac purchased in Honolulu as you do from a Marlin Big Mac.   

October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007 has arrived and the Kosse treats are awaiting.  The Methodist Church's
Halloween festivities begin at 6:00 p.m., and the Kosse Cafe will have our annual bag of
goodies available for local ghosts and goblins.  Ryan and Stewart used to anxiously look
forward to trick-or-treating, although they more enjoyed being at the house and interacting
with the kids who came by.  In retrospect these are warm memories.  I wish I had had the
foresight to better realize this at the time they were happening.  

My mother's sister, Mona Stanberry, died yesterday in Waco at the age of 81.  She was a nice
and elegant lady.  She was working in downtown Waco at Morris Jewelers on May 11, 1953,
when the deadly tornado hit.  
Click for article.  While fortunate enough to escape injury, the
experience left an understandable fear of tornadoes, and I heard this story many times from
her and mother.

Country singer Porter Wagoner has died.  
Click for article.  I recall as a youngster in the
1960's watching the block of country music shows that came on Channel 11 out of Dallas each
Saturday night.  I can't recall the complete lineup of shows, but the Porter Wagoner Show was
one of the more popular.  
Click for video.
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