October 1, 2007

The final quarter of the year has arrived and the first presidential primary votes of the 2008
election are a mere thirteen weeks away.  I watched Bill Clinton on yesterday's "Meet the
Press"  (
click for interview), and continue to be amazed by his charisma.  It's interesting how
some politicians have it and some don't, but their success in political life does not appear
dependent on the charisma factor.  Among our most recent presidents, in my opinion the most
charismatic were John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton.  The least by far was
Richard Nixon.

It's "Catfight at the Convent" time in Italy.  
Click for article.  Evidently a couple of the nuns were
upset by the heavy-handed ways of the mother superior, so they threw her to the ground and
scratched her face.  The two nuns who instigated the rumble were transferred to another
convent.  The victim has decided to barricade herself in the convent and refuses to leave.  

September 29, 2007

I met a new resident of the Kosse area at the cafe last night.  His first name escapes me, but
his last name is Dixon.  He is father-in-law to one of our waitresses, and related to the
Garretts.  I could tell by our short conversation he will be an asset to our community.  

In this week's Bremond Press, there is an editorial questioning if the City of Bremond officials
are upset by the recent influx of newcomers to our area.  Evidently city ordinances have been
passed which make it more difficult on the new residents.  I hope this perception is inaccurate,
as we are soon opening a new location in Bremond, and the bigger the customer base the
better for our business.  Personally, I find most of the newcomers fit the mold of Mr. Dixon as
an asset to our community.

The Groesbeck Goats were defeated in their homecoming game last night by Whitney.  The
Goats are having a tough season.  Bremond defeated Wortham by a score of 37-0.  

A cancer patient in Tuscon says she was left alone in a CT scanner for hours after a
technician apparently forget about her.  After five hours she finally crawled out only to find
herself locked in the closed clinic.  
Click for article.  What is really strange is that it appears to
be a common occurrence at this particular clinic.  Quoting the article, "People have been left
in the office after hours, when something like that happens — it's the same sort of thing," Dr.
Steven Ketchel said. "My guess is she was lying on the table, waiting and waiting and nobody
told her she could go home."  Geez.

September 27, 2007

I've had to neglect postings on the Kosse Blog due to our two restaurant projects now
underway.  I went to the Bremond Clinic today and had three people inquire about the soon-to-
be Bremond Pizza Pro.  They appear to be quite anxious for its opening.  The Kosse Cafe
makeover is continuing and should be finished within a week.  It is a western motif, and will
look pretty neat.  

The annual Kosse city-wide garage sale is slated for Saturday, October 13.  Sales will be held
all over town, and spaces are available for rent at the Kosse Community Center for those who
prefer an indoor setting.  Call (254)375-2212 if you wish to reserve a space.

September 26, 2007

The Groesbeck Homecoming is this weekend.  I doubt this old Goat will be making any of the
festivities, but I remember from high school days the significance of the event.  I used to have
a lot of contact with Groesbeck, but it has dwindled over the years.  When I go there now I
don't have any idea who most of the people are.  

September 21, 2007

Our local Robertson County highways are about to become speed traps, and not a moment
too soon.  
Click for article.  While this statement goes totally against my libertarian views, this
is literally a matter of life and death for our area citizens and something has to be done.  

The ever-diligent McLennan County Sheriff's Department has busted the Mart Veterans of
Foreign Wars facility for illegal gambling, and arrested the VFW Quartermaster.  
Click for
article.  Among the scofflaws found playing eight-liners were Korean and Vietnam war
veterans, now in their 60's, 70's, and 80's.  Surely there are more important criminal elements
to concentrate on than our nation's elderly defenders.  It reminds me of an episode of "The
Andy Griffith Show" when Barney Fife arrested Goober and Floyd the Barber for pitching
pennies in the barbershop.  

September 20, 2007

The Kosse Chamber of Commerce elected new officers at their meeting Monday.  The new
officers are: Ray Bowden - President, Harley Leazer - Vice President, Karen Partin -Secretary
and Reporter, and Christine Kelly - Treasurer.  

The Kosse Cafe interior makeover begins next week.  The project is being overseen by artist
and interior decorator Tess Kane.  Tess is a delightfully eclectic young lady, so I have turned
her loose while instructing her to keep it tastefully conservative in keeping with our clientele.  
She presented her plans Wednesday evening and I sat there with my usual ignorant gaze,
having no idea what she was talking about.  Guess I'll find out at the same time as everyone

The latest O.J. Simpson saga has already become tedious.  
Click for article.  I TiVo "Hannity
and Colmes" each night to keep up on politics, as their show books excellent guests.  Last
night's episode was taken up almost entirely with the O.J. story.  While interested enough in
the story to read a news article or two each day, I hope the domination of this story quickly
fades and more significant topics reclaim their coverage.

September 18, 2007

Verifying what I have been saying lately about the dangerous local driving conditions, the
Texas Department of Public Safety states there were more fatal traffic accidents in Robertson
County in the past month alone than in all of 2006.
Click for article.  What is amazing is the
troopers saying they have no idea why the number has increased.  What?!  Any person
driving in this area, especially Highway 6 in Robertson County, knows it is so dangerous due
to the dramatic increase of 18-wheelers on the roads.  Our current economic boom
necessitates their presence, and this is not going to change.  In the September 11 blog post I
related my harrowing experience of that day while driving from Bremond to Calvert, and how
the impatient driver ahead of me put lives at risk due to being stuck behind a semi.  I'm not
sure there will be a solution, as there are a lot of reckless drivers and probably always will be.  
It is ironic that many in this area (myself included) left the metropolitan areas to escape the
traffic dangers.  The world moves on and we have no choice but to adjust.

September 17, 2007

According to the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, George W. Bush is "the cockiest
guy I have ever met in my life."  
Click for article.  Now think about this; you would assume the
President of Mexico would meet hundreds of world leaders and top officials during his six
years in office, including many presidents and prime ministers.  Out of all of these people, in
Fox's opinion, our President is the cockiest.  Nothing necessarily wrong with this, as most
Americans want our leader to be supremely self-confident (Franklin Roosevelt comes to
mind).  The problem comes when the cockiness is not combined with good judgement, and
disallows the possibility of change in the face of incontrovertible evidence.  I'm afraid that has
been the case with President Bush.

Former head of the Federal Reserve, Republican Alan Greenspan, has declared the Iraq War
was fought “largely about oil”, which is contradictory to statements from the White House.  
Click for article.  If true, I personally think this would be a more appropriate reason for going to
war than the inaccurate reasons actually given (harboring of terrorists and threatening the
region with weapons of mass destruction - Israel took out Iraq's nuclear program in 1981 and
would have done so again if this threat had arisen).  Considering the impact oil has on our
economy and daily lives, it would not be unreasonable for the U.S. to take whatever action
necessary to ensure its uninterrupted supply.  The only problem is that Saddam Hussein was
not a threat to the middle eastern oil supplies.  On the contrary, he was illegally selling more
oil than allowed under the Iraqi Oil for Food Program.  The point being that no matter what the
reason, Fox's described "cockiest guy I have ever met in my life" should have not gotten us
into this mess to start with.   

September 15, 2007

For the second week in a row, the Groesbeck Goats were defeated by a score of 34-0.  The
victor was Mart, which is the #1 ranked 2A team in Texas.  Bremond beat Thorndale 24-0.

The Groesbeck veterinarian, Dr. George Massey, will be giving rabies shots this coming
Saturday from 8:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. in front of the Kosse Fire Station.  

We're seeing more typical late summer weather this week, with the highs in the low 90's and
lows in the low 70's.  I know the grass is not growing like it was a few weeks ago.  Of course it
is only one week until autumn arrives.

A woman was arrested in Sugarland for holding an Indonesian in slavery.  
Click for article and
video.  I found a couple of things strange about the situation.  For one, the prisoner was being
kept in a suburban Houston house which in this area would qualify as a semi-mansion.  Why
didn't the accused simply pay the Indonesian immigrant $5.85 an hour, as it appears it could
have easily been afforded, and considering the per capita income in Indonesia is $3210 (
for chart of world income rankings), the victim would have probably been thrilled.  Another
thing I found surprising is that the punishment for being a slaveholder in America is only
twenty years.  This is the same amount of prison time you can get in Texas for selling five
pounds of marijuana.  
Click for criminal penalties.  If he were still alive, I imagine Abraham
Lincoln would consider the penalties slightly disproportionate.
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