May 17, 2007

All kinds of things going on in the Wonderland of Texas.

The Kosse City Park clean up day will be next Saturday, May 26.  It is a come and go affair so
show up when you can to help bring about a pristine park for our homecoming visitors.  

The Kosse First Baptist Church is holding their Vacation Bible School in a couple of weeks,
June 3-7.  The Kosse First United Methodist Church will conduct their VBS the following week,
June 11-13.  

The Kosse Heritage House will have a meeting on May 21 at 6:00 p.m., followed at the same
location by the Kosse Chamber of Commerce meeting at 6:30.  

This Friday the Kosse Cafe will be the scene of early registration for the inaugural Kosse
Greyhound 5K Run/Walk.  The sign up will be from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m and is $15.00 per

Another stellar performance by Jimmy O'Neal's Automotive Repair.  I took my car in to have
the oil changed and air conditioner fan motor repaired.  When told the amount owed was $25 I
almost fell over, and in fact did ask him if that was an accurate figure considering all he had
done.  The Kosse Blog reiterates its 5-Star Rating for this outstanding Kosse business.

May 16, 2007

Evangelist Jerry Falwell has died.  Click for article.  I always had mixed feelings about Falwell.  
He was an excellent preacher who I enjoyed occasionally listening to, but some of his ideas
were a little extreme.  I recall when he warned parents that Tinky Winky, a purple, purse-toting
character on television's "Teletubbies" show, was a gay role model and morally damaging to
children.  While I did not always agree with his views, he struck me as being truly sincere in
what he believed.  

The Kosse business community continues its amazing run.  The April, 2007 state sales tax
reimbursements have been made and Kosse is the shining star of Limestone County.  
for article.  According to the article, Kosse is next in 'the money pecking order,' counting
$2,077.15 in the April check, compared with $781.29 last April. That’s a whopping increase of
165.86 percent. Kosse is also up for the year’s totals, adding up to $9,437.42, compared to
the 2006 total of $6,159.98.

I finally got the second historical article from the archives of the Kosse Echo on the website.  It
is entitled "The Kosse Heritage Society and the C.O. Robertson House" and was originally
written by Mary Bradley Whatley in January, 1986.  
Click for Kosse Echo page.

May 14, 2007

The Kosse Blog has returned.  The weather has been wet all month in Kosse, unlike other
parts of the US which are being ravaged by wildfire.
Click for article.

We gathered with the Rasco clan for Mother's Day.  It was an enjoyable weekend and she is
much-improved healthwise from a month ago.

Homecoming weekend is fast approaching.  The annual Kosse Homecoming Parade will be
held on Saturday, June 9 at 2:00 p.m.  The parade will traverse Narcissus Street through
downtown Kosse.  Awards will be given in eight separate categories.  To place an entry in the
parade contact Kelley Self at (254)375-2359.

Shelli McNutt and Heath Mitchell were sworn into office as Kosse City Council members on
May 15, 2007.  They will hold office for the next two years.

Kosse's Friends of the Park will hold a meeting on April 24 at 6:30 p.m. at the Kosse
Community Center.  Volunteers are needed for this inaugural homecoming event.

May 1, 2007

A new month has arrived and the forecast calls for severe weather and heavy rainfall for at
least the next seven days.  The Kosse 4-H Club was supposed to meet at the Kosse City Park
last night.  I assume their meeting was moved indoors due to the inclement weather.

The City of Kosse will be holding a municipal election on May 12 to decide two City Council
positions.  The three candidates are Incumbent Ronnie Funderburk, Shelli McNutt, and Heath
Mitchell.  As is usually the case in Kosse politics, the campaign has been low-key and
respectful.  The three candidates are all good people and Kosse will be well-represented by
whichever two are elected.  

I never watch "The View" on the ABC television network but am familiar with it due to
controversies over the past few months primarily involving Rosie O'Donnell.  The most
entertaining controversy involved the feud between Rosie and Donald Trump.  Anyway, she is
leaving the show and a replacement is being searched for.  According to one report the
leading replacement contender is Roseanne Barr.  That should be interesting.  
Click for article.

April 29, 2007

Only one more month until local high school graduation ceremonies.  Christina Lockhart, Chris
Sellers, and Artis Nevels (a waitress and two of our floor maintenance specialists) will be
receiving their diplomas as members of the Class of 2007.  I faintly recall my own graduation
from Groesbeck High.  For me there were mixed feelings.  It meant the end of my comfort zone
as a Goat and the upcoming unknown of college life.  I had no idea on that May night in 1975
that I would be in college for the next 7 1/2 years, eventually attaining three degrees in
addition to the one from G.H.S.  The main reason I would have never thought it is because I
was not into studying.  Most of my knowledge was obtained through absorptive osmosis.  

One of the convenience stores in a neighboring community has placed 8-liners in their
business.  I stopped there tonight to fill up my car and couldn't believe the number of people
putting their dollars non-stop into the machines.  Evidently Robertson County does not
enforce the law against these machines, as a member of the local police department was
inside the store enjoying watching the action.  About a decade ago I had some guy out of
Waco wanting to put them in the grocery store and split the proceeds with me.  He was telling
me about a place near Mexia that was clearing $4000.00 per week on their machines and he
estimated I could make $2000.00 per week in Kosse.  Obviously it was intriguing so I called
Roy DeFriend (who was Assistant D.A. at the time) to garner his opinion of the legalities.  He
quoted some "Fuzzy Animal Rule" in Texas that says the maximum payout of any prize was
$5.00, and could not be given in cash.  Roy said the "Fuzzy Animal Rule" was in reference to
the legality of equipment such as a claw machine in which you win a fuzzy animal-type object.  
As a result of our conversation I passed on turning the back of the grocery store into a mini-
casino.  As a side note, the place where they were making $4000.00 per week was eventually
raided, all the machines were confiscated, the money in them was seized (which was indeed a
few thousand dollars), and the proprietor was arrested.  I'm glad I listened to Roy.

April 26, 2007

As I write this at 2:08 in the afternoon the weather is perfect.  It is 69-degrees with a slight
breeze and sunny.  The Masonic Lodge building across from my office was being painted
today by some guys out of Memphis, Tennessee.  They had me move my car so it would not
be speckled by windblown paint.  When we bought the cafe in 1994 one of the first things I
had done to it was painting the exterior.  While I will not mention names (in fact, the gentleman
is now deceased), the person who was hired to do the painting was a big drinker.  When he
was not drunk he was a very good worker, the only problem was that he was usually drunk.  
Anyway, he had made a vow that he would not imbibe while painting the cafe.  It took him a
couple of days to do the job.  The first day he followed his promise not to drink.  The second
day he did not follow his vow and ended up intoxicated on the job.  One of the cafe employees
had parked her car on the side of the building.  The car was black and by the end of the day
you could not tell if it was supposed to be black or white.  It was not a good situation and I had
to hire someone to remove the speckles of white paint.  I was most perturbed by this turn of
events and never hired the gentleman again.

April 24, 2007

The forecast is once again calling for severe thunderstorms today.  The temperatures are
creeping upward with each passing week and 90-degree days will soon be here.  

As I've often mentioned, I regularly receive interesting e-mails as a result of this website.  I
received the following correspondence today.  

Can you tell me in Texas where you are located?  I was actually doing a google search on the
Kosse name and your website popped up.  My maiden name is Kosse and it isn't a common
name so Kosse, Tx made me curious.
Debbie Kosse Garrison

She is correct in regards to the commonality of the name Kosse.  Our town is named after a
man named Kosse who worked for the railroad in the mid-1800's.

Former President George H.W. Bush told Larry King last night that his son Jeb would likely be
a leading presidential contender if his name was not Bush, alluding to "Bush Fatigue" in
Click for article.  I totally agree with him that the majority of Americans have "Bush
Fatigue", although it is my opinion people are fatigued due to the current President Bush's
record of decision-making.  The irony in regards to the name Bush is that while we are now
fatigued, our current President would never have become President if his name had been
George W. Smith instead of George Bush.

April 23, 2007

Marlin continues to have strange happenings.  Over the weekend a dead baby was found in a
room at the Relax Inn (
click for article) and numerous streets were closed down after explosive
devices were found in a vehicle (
click for article).  Seeing as things are constantly in the news
about the goings on in Marlin, I decided to look up their crime statistics.  Much to my surprise,
the crime rate in Marlin (records are only current through 2005) is actually significantly less
than the national average.  
Click for Marlin data.  So I then looked up the Kosse crime rate
and found it is significantly higher than the national average and approximately twice that per
capita of Marlin.  
Click for Kosse data.  I was shocked!

According to an article on (a highly-respected website from the company
founded by the current New York City mayor), there is a real possibility of gasoline reaching
$4 per gallon this summer, especially if we have a rough hurricane season.  
Click for article.  
This will have a ripple effect through the economy which will result in a significant inflationary
trend.  Do you ever feel like you're being squeezed on all sides?

The mayor of San Francisco has reaffirmed that his metropolis is a sanctuary city for illegal
Click for article.  I imagine we'll hear Bill O'Reilly ranting about it on his show
tonight.  Did you see the shootout a few weeks ago between O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera
regarding sanctuary cities?  It's worth seeing if you missed it.  
Click for video.
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