April 8, 2007

Easter 2007 has arrived with a snowstorm.  The Kosse Easter Pageant had to be cancelled
Saturday night due to the inclement weather.  This is the first time in sixty years we have seen
snow on April 7.  
Click for article.  The snowflakes were huge (for this area) and the ground
had a beautiful blanket of white.  I did hear on the news that this late freeze across a large
portion of the U.S. will result in significant agricultural losses, especially in regards to the
peach, strawberry, and wheat crops.  I don't know what local agrarian effect this late freeze will
have although the effects will be felt on our pocketbooks if the wheat prices suddenly rise.  We
run through a lot of bread and flour product at the restaurants so my personal pocketbook will
be lightened.  

I am continually amazed at some of the things I read in the Bremond Press.  This week there
was a picture and accompanying article about the Robertson County Fair Queen candidates
from Bremond.  One of the young ladies was named First Runner-Up, while another was
Second Runner-Up.  In other words, Bremond (one of the smaller towns in Robertson County)
was able to grab two of the three places in the Queen's contest.  Sounds like a fairly good
showing.  With that preface, the article stated the following:  

In the last two decades or longer no Bremond candidate has ever been chosen Fair Queen
causing some folks to believe there is a "gentleman's agreement" that the queen should
always be from Franklin or Hearne.  So far the supposed "glass ceiling" has not affected prize
winning in the exhibition of animals and projects

This is what I find inappropriate about these statements.  First, they are in a news article
rather than the editorial/opinion section (which the Bremond Press does indeed have).  While
the words 'causing some folks to believe' and 'supposed' are used, the implication is beyond
subtle that the contest is rigged.  No one is directly quoted which implies even further that
these are the opinions of the writer.  There is also no indication that the contest judges were
contacted to provide an explanation. Professional journalistic protocol calls for opinions such
as these to be placed in an editorial/opinion column and not in the hard news section.  Or so I
learned in Journalism 101 many years ago.  The second disturbing aspect to these published
comments is that it is a direct slap in the face to the young lady from Franklin who was named
Fair Queen.  If I were her parent I would be most offended, and would be having a blunt
conversation with the Bremond Press publisher.  

April 6, 2007

Easter weekend is upon us.  I watched a documentary on the Discovery Times Channel which
chronicled the last few days of Jesus from a historical perspective.  It was very interesting.

A couple of the cafe girls are playing on the Lady Goats golf team.  Blythe "Tiger Woods"
Stewart and Tiffany Johnston are members of the currently second-place in district team.  
What I find interesting is that both of them told me they have never played golf before this
year.  In fact, Tiffany finished ninth out of 63 golfers at the most recent tournament.  My
golfing experience in life has been limited to a one-semester physical education course my
freshman year in college.  Everyone was required to take four p.e. courses so I ended up
taking golf, bowling, archery, and fencing.  Not exactly a decathlon-conditioning foursome of
choices but I enjoyed all of them.  

It was brought to my attention that I overlooked some of the Kosse winners at the recent
Limestone County Fair.  Krystal Nicholas was named Limestone County Fair Queen and
Bonnie Swinnea was named Little Miss Limestone County Fair Queen.  Click for photos.  Both
of these young beauties are from Kosse. We not only have the brightest kids in Kosse, we
also have the prettiest!  Krystal was also the exhibitor of the first place goat, and Chelsea
Pettigrew placed 3rd with her heifer.

April 5, 2007

I recently mentioned a number of upcoming Kosse activities that were sent in by Karen Partin.  
She was kind enough to email more detailed information on these events.  

Chamber of Commerce Meeting on April 16th at 6:30 at the Heritage House, items up for
discussion will be Homecoming Parade, and the much needed "Town Clean-Up" priorities and
what we can do....

Heritage House Meeting on April 16th at 6pm at the Heritage House.

Kosse Greyhound 5K organizational Meeting on April 24th at the Kosse Community Center.
All those interested in assisting need to attend. Meeting will be at 6:30pm.

Kosse Greyhound 5K Looking for Sponsors! Kosse 5K walk/run/jog will  be held on June 9th
at 8am. Proceeds will benefit the Kosse City Park/playground equipment. We are in need of
sponsors for the 5K T-shirts.If interested please call 375-9603. Your logo will be advertised on
the back of a T-shirt.

Fish Out Day!  On June 9th also starting at 8am will be "Fish Day" at the Kosse City Park.
Contestants will be assigned back numbers which must be worn while fishing. Fee will be a
$1.00 per pole. Fishing time will be from 8am-10am. Awards will be given for various fish
categories; Biggest Fish,Smallest Fish & the most fish. More details as time progresses. The
smallest fish will be thrown back in....

Kosse 4-H Meeting. Kosse 4-H will meet on April 30th at 6:30 pm at the Kosse City Park for
their year end meeting.

The annual Kosse Easter Pageant begins tomorrow evening.  This is a very interesting
presentation to which all are invited.  Meet at dusk at the Kosse Community Center for a
guided tour.

I say it to the point of ad nauseam, but Kosse really is an amazing town of 500 people.

April 3, 2007

The local Kosse  4-H and FFA clubs had a great showing in the  Limestone County Fair this
past weekend. Twenty-two projects made it to sale. Trent McNutt won Grand Champion Heifer,
Cody Ingram Reserve Champion Heifer, Austin McCarver Reserve Champion Broiler, Brittany
Hitchcock Reserve Champion Lamb,and Kaitlyn Denman Grand Champion Goat.  
Congratulations to the participants and also to the adults who are in charge of the
organizations.  Kosse continues to shine.

I save my political opinions for this blog, hence it being labeled "Observations from the Owner
of the Kosse Cafe".  I want to make sure it is recognized as my personal observations not
necessarily shared by others.  With that said, I had a conversation with a gentleman from
Bremond this morning.  He told me he was 73 years old and currently had four family members
suffering from various forms of cancer.  While I did suffer a bout with squamous cell carcinoma
a couple of years ago, I was fortunate that the cancer was able to be removed simply by
cutting a nice-sized hole out of my back, therefore I have never been in as dire a situation as
he was describing about his relatives.  Anyway, as the conversation progressed I could see
him becoming agitated.  He then began a diatribe about the debacle in Iraq and how the
monies could have been spent towards cancer research and other positive activities instead
of the Bush disaster.  At this point his general opinion is shared by 2/3 of Americans including
myself.  It amazes me that the President cannot see how he blew it by getting us into this

April 2, 2007

The month that just ended was the wettest March in over 100 years.  Click for article.  The
forecast calls for more rain tomorrow followed by a cool front.  A number of villages in the
Solomon Islands were wiped out by a tsunami.  
Click for article.  Vince McMahon got his head
shaved at Wrestlemania XXIII.  
Click for article.  And the price of gas in Bremond is up to $2.53
with further rises predicted.  

Ryan is beginning his new life in Washington state today.  He will be terribly missed but I know
he is happy when he is with his group of friends in the northwest.  Good luck little man.  

April 1, 2007

A new month has arrived, the storms have finally moved on, and Wrestlemania XXIII is here.  
This year's WWE extravaganza has a headline match where either Vince McMahon or Donald
Trump will have their head shaved.  
Click for video.  Whenever I hear about the world of
professional wrestling I think of Danny Moss.  Danny left us way too early in life and his
passing was a great loss for Sissy and Kosse.  Danny was a professional wrestler for a
number of years and related some of his experiences to me.  He was cast as a villain and
undoubtedly was good at playing the part.  While today even the promoters admit it is scripted
entertainment, in the 70's and 80's professional wrestling was still being portrayed on the
surface as reality.  Danny would do the most devious things imaginable to incite the crowd at
the events.  There were some at the shows who took it all quite seriously and Danny said he
would be the object of great hostility.  Of course that was the purpose of his character and the
reaction of the crowd proved his success in the role.  Outside of the ring Danny was a true
gentle giant and one of the most helpful and ambitious people I ever knew in Kosse.  

March 30, 2007

It is 5:46 p.m. as I write this and the news ticker on the Channel 10 website is saying at 5:39
p.m. a tornado touched down near Riesel.  While Kosse has seen substantial rain today, we
have not had the flooding that has been found in the Waco area.

March 29, 2007

The March, 2007 sales tax disbursements have been made by the State Comptroller's office
and Kosse is once again on the upswing.  According to the Groesbeck Journal, Kosse
received $3019.96 in March compared to last year's $1147.88.  For the year Kosse has
received $7360.27 versus last year's $5378.69.  

I have never seen as many 18-wheelers come through town, and they are coming from all
directions.  This area's boom is in its beginning throes and promises even more activity to
come.  The cafe truck parking area was finally opened following months of being closed by the
road construction.  The positive impact on business was immediate.  

For those who think world events do not impact our life in Kosse, all one has to do is look at
the price of gasoline at Cefco.  This morning it was at $2.49 per gallon and will be going
Click for article.  This recent escalation is due to tensions with Iran, especially
regarding their taking fifteen British sailors hostage.  In the referenced article there is a
statement that is especially worrisome.  
Though denied by the U.S. military, it was rumored
that Iran fired a missile at an American ship in the Persian Gulf.
 While I have stated many
times the Iraq situation has been a debacle, there is no reasonable option but to respond
militarily if Iran attacks our navy.  At the moment the U.S. Navy has a huge presence of force
in the Persian Gulf (
click for article) and it would seem to be quite foolish for Iran to take them
on, but it would not surprise me if it happens.
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