March 11, 2007

90% chance of severe thunderstorms tonight.  Hopefully there will be no tornadoes
accompanying them.  

I read a comedian named Richard Jeni had committed suicide.  I had never heard of him
although the article stated he was a regular on Johnny Carson and Jay Leno.  Anyway I went
to YouTube to see who he was and ran across what I thought was a quite humorous sketch on
American politics.  It does have some PG-13 language.  
Click for video.

The February sales tax disbursements have been made and Kosse unfortunately is down from
last year's total.  
Click for article.  I can attest that things were slower at the cafe than usual
due to one specific reason: the ongoing road construction on Highway 7 which blocked off our
truck parking area.  As I put in the blog last summer, I was told at that time by Jeff Kennedy
(the TX DOT official out of Marlin) that it would be finished in 4-6 weeks.  In other words it
should have been finished in September of last year.  Well here it is the middle of March and
not only is it not finished, they are not even working on the Kosse portion of the construction.  
Keep in mind that when the half of the highway under construction is finished, the other half
will then begin.  At this pace it will be the beginning of 2009 before the project is fully
completed.  As the person who has personally been most economically affected by this
incompetence, it is my opinion the company that was given the construction contract should
be taken off the list of those able to bid on state highway construction projects.

March 10, 2007

We've had very pleasant weather in Kosse the past few days, although we could use some
rain.  While still winter by the calendar, the spring conditions have arrived.

I bought a roll of the new $1 coins at the bank last week.  
Click for article.  Every few years the
government puts out a new $1 coin in the hopes the public will actually use it.  It never
happens.  We will get an average of four or five a week through the cafe while receiving
hundreds of $1 bills.  

March 7, 2007

This year's Kosse Spring Festival is shaping up to be a most interesting event.  The 4-H Club
is raffling off a trailer packed with untold goodies, the Kosse Lions Club is holding a barbecue
on Sunday, , the Kosse Community Center is raffling off a television, the Kosse Chamber of
Commerce is having a cake walk, the Kosse Leos will be providing concessions, the Air Evac
Life Team will have their helicopter here, and the Lions/Leos are sponsoring a dunking booth.  
I don't know who the prospective dunkees for the booth will be.  A few years ago I was asked
to be in some contest where I would end up kissing a pig.  Not wanting to transfer bad germs
to the pig, I declined the offer.

March 5, 2007

Daylight savings time returns this weekend, three weeks earlier than previously.  It came about
with the passage of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.  
Click for article.  It will now last a week
longer than previously so the total increase will be four weeks.

The warmer weather is bringing yard mowing time to the fore.  I have four separate locations
that have to be kept up so it gets expensive, but I don't like the looks of an unkempt yard.

The 2008 presidential race is already in full swing.  The Democrat's contest is promising to be
quite interesting.  The Drudge Report had a link today to a speech Hillary Clinton gave at a
black church in which she uses what I suppose is an imitative dialect of southern blacks.  
to listen.  I once had a man from up north attempt to imitate what he saw as my southern
dialect.  I found it quite offensive, especially considering this particular gentleman had the IQ
of a Boston baked bean.  Hillary needs to stick to her Chicago voice.  

March 4, 2007

Freezing weather has returned to Kosse.  Today is my brother Bill's fifty-fifth birthday.  I talked
to him a couple of days ago while he was at his Pizza Pro restaurant in Mart, ruminating about
the unstoppable advance of the calendar.
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