December 17, 2006

One of my weekly sources of entertainment is reading the editorial column of the Bremond
Press.  I stated a few days ago it was recently mentioned in the editorial that there was some
unruly behavior among the Bremond fans at their football games.  At the time I had no idea
what they were fighting among themselves about.  It was further explained in this week's
column.  Seems as if it involves on-field coaching decisions and a split into pro-coach and
anti-coach camps.  According to the editorial, the coaches are too thin-skinned about the
criticism and the fans are now divided over the issue.  It was also mentioned that the police
chief had resigned at the request of the mayor.  Something to do about turning the town into a
speedtrap and not being able to get hold of the officers when needed.  All I will say about
these neighborly bickerings is that I am glad the politics of Kosse are generally cordial and

Last week there was a highly-publicized series of raids in Swift Meat packing facilities across
America.  The conservative pundits on Fox News and CNN were extolling the virtues of this
crackdown.  Now I read that the result of this is going to be higher meat prices, which is
definitely not good news for the cafe food costs and resultant menu prices.  
Click for article.  I
think I am becoming a Libertarian in my old age and wish people would just live and let live.  
Trying to do differently usually causes more harm than the good it accomplishes.

Song of the Day:
Glen Campbell/Rhinestone Cowboy

Canine Headline of the Day:
Bow Wow

December 16, 2006

Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota had a stroke a couple of days ago and is listed in
critical but stable condition after surgery.  Without going into the specifics, if he were to die the
balance of power in the U.S. Senate would shift from the Democrats to the Republicans.  I was
watching Hannity and Colmes Thursday night and they had some political operatives on.  It
was quite interesting watching the Republican operative.  Needless to say everyone was
offering their public best wishes for the Senator's recovery.  Regardless of this, you could see
the operative salivating at the political prospects.  It was a macabre exhibition.

Kosseite Ernesto Coronado is on leave for a couple of weeks from the U.S. Marines.  He
recently graduated from basic training in California and Stacy tells me he placed quite high in
his class.  He will be taking additional training in auto mechanics when his leave ends.  
Ernesto is a former cafe employee.  We wish him the best.

Nine days until Christmas.  Ho, ho, ho.

Song of the Day:
Classics IV/Stormy

Beauty Pageant Headline of the Day:
Maybe She Took Lessons From Jenna Bush

December 14, 2006

Kosse continues to shine.  Avery Gonzales has been awarded the highest honor bestowed
upon Future Farmers of American members.  She received the American FFA Degree for
recognition of her achievements in FFA.  Avery is the daughter of Russell and Rainey Bennett
and is currently attending Texas A&M University.  Congratulations!

The Kosse Leo Club has been involved in many activities lately that have been of great
benefit to our community.  They spent Grandparents Day visiting three nursing homes in
Groesbeck and Bremond.  Halloween saw them collecting eyewear for the Lion's Club Sight
Night program.  They donated a stove to the Kosse Community Center and spent a recent
Saturday collecting trash on the side of Highway 14 South.  They also raised over $2000.00
for the American Cancer Society.  Kosse has some really good kids.  I have hired scores of
them over the years at various businesses and I can honestly say over 90% of them turned
out to be great employees.  On the other hand, I have hired scores in other towns and only
about 50% of them worked out in a positive sense.

The annual Kosse Community Center Christmas Dinner will be held this coming Thursday,
December 21 at 7:00 p.m.  Santa Claus will be in attendance and all children present will be
given a treat.  The meat and drinks will be provided while attendees are asked to bring a
vegetable, salad, or dessert.  Everyone is invited.

Song of the Day:
Ray Conniff/Edelweiss

Spuds Headline of the Day:
They God She Wasn't Holding an Iron Skillet

December 13, 2006

I have added a feature to this website whereby you can purchase Kosse Cafe Gift Certificates
online.  The billing is handled through PayPal and it is a secured site.  
Click to see.

I wish the highway department would hurry up and finish the road construction.  It has blocked
off the truck parking lot at the cafe.  I talked to the district supervisor a couple of days ago and
he told me it would be six to eight weeks before the south side construction would be finished.  
The discouraging aspect of this is that when I first talked to him a month ago he told me at that
time it would be finished in six weeks.  The total project is not predicted to be complete until
next summer.  

Donald Porch has returned as my occasional assistant.  He'll stay for awhile, leave for
perceived greener pastures, and then return again.  This has happened about ten times over
the years so at this point is predictable.  He has the ability to be a good worker if he doesn't
get sidetracked by other influences so I will use him while he's around.

Song of the Day:
Rod Stewart/You Wear It Well

Classic Television Show of the Day:
Candid Camera

Educator of the Year Headline of the Day:
There's a Moon Out Tonight

December 11, 2006

It's certainly been a dreary day in Kosse.  We've had a fine mist and heavy fog all day.  Maybe
this is what the folks in London are used to but it will be nice to see the sun out.

Kosse native Jack Robinson was profiled in a recent Temple Daily Telegram article for the role
he played during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941.  Jack is now living
at the Veteran's Home in Temple but was an 87 year resident of Kosse.  He was wounded
during the attack when the ship he was on was bombed by the Japanese attackers.  
Click for
article and photo.  

Speaking of World War II, I have added nine documentaries on WWII to the Free Streaming
Media section of this website.  They are quite interesting.  
Click for World War II

It's time for another Kosse Cafe gift certificate giveaway, found only on the Kosse Blog.  The
first person to send me an e-mail with their mailing address will be sent a $10.00 gift
certificate.  My e-mail address is

Song of the Day:
The Beatles/Hard Day's Night

Gubernatorial Headline of the Day:
Trace That Call

December 9, 2006

The new media section of this website has been published.  Click for Free Streaming Media.  It
is a work in progress, although it already offers hundreds of television shows, cartoons, and
songs of all genres.  Movies will soon be added.  I am adding to this section on a daily basis,
so check back often.  You can enjoy all of these things free of charge.  

The Bremond Press from a couple of weeks ago had an interesting tidbit in the editor's
column.  Quoting, "There is some talk about rough behavior among Tiger fans at our games.  
So far nothing terribly bad has happened.  Both sides should resolve to behave in an
exemplary manner."  I just wonder what that refers to, especially about "both sides", since the
statements in the editorial are in regards to only Bremond fans.  In other words, it is not talking
about the Bremond fans fighting with the opposition team's fans.

When I was fifteen or sixteen I was asked by a friend to be an umpire at a Little League game.  
It seems as if the scheduled umpire could not be there, the game was in thirty minutes, I would
make $5.00, and he had no one else to call.  There were a number of reasons why I had no
desire to do this, not the least of which was the fact my knowledge of umpiring was about the
same as my knowledge of Einstein's Theory of Relativity.  They were obviously desperate as
the guy told me it didn't matter.  All I can say is I was a sucker to believe that.  We arrived at
the field a few minutes before the game was to begin and the stands were packed.  I was told
to umpire second and third base and left field.  My ignorance of the intricacies of umpiring
rules was manifested in ten or more bad calls throughout the game.  It was a depressing
experience for a fifteen year old who definitely would have rather been home watching "I
Dream of Jeannie".  The parents were rabid in their very vocal disgust at my lack of umpiring
skills, and I made a beeline for the car when the game ended.  They hollered at me until we
drove off.  Not that I had any interest in it to start with, but that was my first and last experience
as an umpire.

Song of the Day:
Buck Owens/Tiger By the Tail

Wrath of a Woman Headline of the Day:
That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It

December 7, 2006

Get ready for the cold again.  The lows tonight and tomorrow night will be in the mid-20's.  
Speaking of a chill, the world has been shocked by three guests showing up at a White House
Christmas party with the exact same dress that Laura Bush was wearing.  
Click for the chilling

Kosse continues to be the star of Limestone County in regards to increased business activity.  
The October state sale tax revenues have been distributed and Kosse has shown a 60%
increase from last October.  
Click for article.  Year to date, Kosse has over double the receipts
of Thornton, our neighbor with a slightly larger population (525 versus 497), and is even
ahead of Coolidge with a population in northwest Limestone County of 848.  

A lot is going on in regards to the debacle in Iraq.  Robert Gates, the former president of
Texas A&M has been confirmed by the Senate as new Secretary of Defense.  
Click for article.  
The Baker-Hamilton Commission report on Iraq has been released.  
Click for article.

Today is the sixty-fifth anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  There is a page of this
website devoted to this event in which you can see forty-five photos.  
Click for Pearl Harbor
page.  To watch a 33 minute documentary about the events of that day of infamy, click the
play button.  You will need a broadband connection for it to quickly download.

Song of the Day:
Frank Sinatra/New York, New York

Octogenarian Headline of the Day:
It Seems Just Like Yesterday

December 6, 2006

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I am working on a new section of this website.  When
completed, you will be able to watch literally hundreds of classic television shows, movies,
documentaries, classic commercials, cartoons, and more.  These will be the complete
presentations rather than simply clips, and it only requires watching a short commercial at its
 Here is a sample of this new section.  This is the Andy Griffith Show page, in which
fifteen classic episodes of Andy, Barney, and the rest of the Mayberry folks are presented.  
Check it out.  
Click for page.

One of the many truisms I have discovered with advancing age is that the cold weather now
has a greater effect on me.  While I have no desire for the 100-degree days of Kosse summer,
it will be nice on my freezing feet if we could get back in the 60's.

I read an article today that states 90% of e-mail is spam.  
Click for article.  This is definitely the
case with my e-mail.  I will receive about fifty per day and actually read four or five.  

Song of the Day:
Glen Campbell/Wichita Lineman

Carnivore Headline of the Day:
Not a Pleasant Thought
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