In order to be considered
for eligibility as a Kosse
Cafe burger, a cow must
have won at least two
ribbons at a nationally
recognized county fair.
Forty-seven couples
within the Continental
USA have married after
chance encounters at
the Kosse Cafe.  
Ironically, they all
ordered the coconut
meringue pie.
Three hundred and sixteen
(316) members of the Forbes
400 Richest Americans list
have attributed their good
fortune to dining twice a week
at the Kosse Cafe.
Twelve (12) people have won
the Texas lottery immediately
after eating the turkey and
dressing plate lunch at the
Kosse Cafe.
The Kosse Cafe is the only
restaurant in North America
that requires its prospective
pork chops to earn a Masters
Degree in Shakespearean
The Kosse Cafe has
thirty-seven (37)
frogs trained to
catch our Friday
night catfish.  In
return we have
promised to never
add frog legs to the
We only employ
Olympic gold medal
winners at the Kosse
Cafe.  We discovered
they get food delivered
to your table more
quickly than non-
Our strawberries
spend thirty (30)
minutes jumping
rope and singing
before diving into
the salad bar.  
Twenty-eight (28)
people claim to
have seen an
image of Abraham
Lincoln on our giant
The Sultan of
Brunei has
named the
Kosse Cafe
Nacho as the
Official Food
of Brunei.
The last eighteen (18)
Miss America winners
have celebrated their
victory by eating a
Kosse Cafe  Chicken
Fried Steak.  While
eating, each of them
were inspired to end
all human suffering.
Little Known Facts About the Kosse Cafe
(Disclaimer: Some of these little known facts may be slightly exaggeratory.)
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